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Lymph drain opening and Blood Foot Detox photos

The 1st Row of photo's:    The white you see is toxins in the lymphatic, notice the changes. It's the lymph system job to remove toxins, fats, bacteria, viruses, and to kill cancer cells. Keep your lymph moving so it can do a better job of all the above. These photos are the changes in the blood after a LYMPH MASSAGE.

The 2nd row of photo's    Is the changes in the blood after a IONIC FOOT BATH. The blood should look like it had a tight net thrown over it. The tighter the netting the more the hormones are balanced, the less close lines the hormones are out of balance. Photo from left to right, 1. is before detox, hormones out of balance & white is toxins. 2. toxins broken up after foot detox,  but hormones worse. 3. supplements given, much improved. 4. Going for perfection, added another supplement for hormone balancing. Bottom line, left the blood better than found it.

Before Lymph Drain opened      24 Hours Later              72 Hours Later
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