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Lisa-  dealt with such health issues as low immune system, digestion, thyroid, heart and hormone problems. Doctors said I was a hypochondriac, so I stopped complaining, causing more issues. Ending up causing surgeries (13). I had gallbladder attacks at the age of 14 and was 28 years when it was removed.  My health declined at 39 years of age. I attempted different approaches from doctors with little to no help. I was introduced to Shari, who encouraged me to try natural products after evaluating my blood. We went thru several companies without much success. More pain & test finally reveal a birth defect called PANCREAS DIVISUM, basically, digesting my pancreas from the inside.  During this process of tests and procedures, Shari contacted me with a new product to try. I agreed because my doctor told me there was no treatment and that I needed to be on the transplant list. My only options were pain medications from morphine to hydros.  I attended a Young Living meeting with Shari, where I was introduced to therapeutic grade oils. They have changed my life.  Within in two weeks I was completely pain free. I stayed pain free for almost two years before an attack.  I now am rarely bothered with attacks.  These oils drained my lymphatic system bringing relief to my kidneys and liver also. I can testify of many positive experiences since using them. I have quality of life again,  GOD BLESS Young Living. I wrote a letter to my doctor and thanked him for not being able to treat me, because now I am pain free, without side effects or medications

Please contact Shari for more information. Let her know you read my story. If you would like the recommendation that changed my life, you may get a copy from Shari.

Paul- Suffered with back pain on and off from 22 -37 years of age. From 37-53 he was in constant pain, sleeping on the couch, until he met Shari. After 2 session of therapeutic massage. He is pain free. He now sleeps in bed with his wife. He had been through physical therapy, x-rays, MRI's with no relief. Contemplating surgery.

Gentlemen( not revealing name) had been in a motor cycle accident. After 2 1/2  years of physical therapy he was informed he would never be able to bend his elbow again. In less than a hour his elbow was bending. He had tears in his eyes, he was beyond appreciative. He could not believe the results. Therapeutic is different.

Too many clients to mention have avoided surgeries of hip, knee, back, shoulders, and carpel tunnel.




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